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Get And Share Customer Reviews With Everyone Monitor, track, and manage your client’s reviews and grow your business efficiently.

Small Business

When you own a small business, then online customer reviews can provide you with the initial boost that you need to take your business to the next level. Review Sheild not only helps you to generate reviews online but also helps you to manage them efficiently.

Large Businesses

If you run a large business on an industrial scale, and your customer base is very huge, it can become difficult to manage all your customer reviews because there might be hundreds of reviews on a daily basis. So, using our platform, you can manage all your reviews easily.

Comprehensive Features of Review Shield Make Your Business Successful with The Help of Top Level Features

Review Management

You cannot deny the fact that online reviews can have a major influence on your business image. You can easily manage your customer reviews using our platform, even if they are on multiple websites.

Generate Reviews

If you are running a business, then you know how difficult it is to ask your customer for reviews. It could be a very time taking and hectic process. We help you to automate the procedure of asking for reviews from customers and even make it simple and easy for your customers to leave reviews.

Monitoring Reviews

It is crucial to monitor your reviews online and respond to them to create a positive image of your business. Review Shield helps you with review monitoring on different sites, including Google, Yelp, Facebook, and many other platforms.

Market Your Reviews

You can increase the credibility of your website using review marketing. Review Shield helps you to share your best online reviews across different platforms and market your business. The process is completely automated, and you can save yourself a lot of time.

Reporting & Analytics

You can use Review Shield to measure the quality and quantity of your online reviews. Our analytics and reporting system helps you to analyze the performance of your review campaigns on a single dashboard

Organize Your Customer’s Reviews Using Review Shield When you connect all your social media and other accounts with Review Shield, you can save a lot of time by automating the review management procedure for your business.

Good Reviews Means Good Business

People trust recommendations from people they know and businesses that they like. There’s a reason why 81% of consumers have made a purchase based on a recommendation. Firstly, many customers are more likely to buy from a store with positive reviews. Secondly, a single testimonial can often influence your buying decision.

Review Shield helps you to easily generate, manage, and market online reviews on multiple sites. We actually help you to make the online reviews work for you.

Make Review Shield A Part Of Your Business

You can integrate Review Sheild in your business and start managing your reviews efficiently. Everything will be visible to you on a single dashboard and you can check the performance of your reviews, share them online,

Monitor Your Reviews on Most Important Websites Do you have multiple sites to check for reviews for your clients? With the help of Review Shield, you can gather all your reviews in one place and save a lot of time.

How does Review Shield work? Review Shield Helps you to make your business stand online with the power of online reviews. Make it easier for you to generate, monitor, and market reviews using a single platform.

OUR WORKING PROCESS You can get your work done in just 4 simple steps:

Step 1.

In the first step, you send review requests, reminders, and follow-ups using Review Shield. This is an automated process where you can send review reminders to as many clients as you want in just a single click. You can also schedule reminders and follow-ups.

Step 2.

Once you have sent a review request to your customers, they will get an email from your side asking for a review. Once they click on the link present in the email, they will select a platform that they feel most comfortable with.

Step 3.

Your customers will write their feedback regarding your business or services, and as a result, your company’s visibility and social proof will be increased.

Step 4.

Once the review is posted, you can share the reviews to different social media platforms with a single click using Review Shield.

What Do We Provide?

Review of Generation

Our core service on which this platform is built is review generation. We create a review funnel which is kind of a landing page that is specifically designed to remove the friction for your clients to provide a review for your business.

  • Generate emails to ask for reviews from your clients.
  • Guide your clients to easily write reviews.
  • They get multiple review site options from which they can choose the desired ones.

Review Monitoring

It is important for you to know when a customer leaves a review of your business on any platform. It helps you to follow-up with customer’s feedback and improve your brand’s image. When you are using Review Shield for review Generation, you will get an email notification whenever a customer leaves a review about your business.

  • Monitors a lot of different sites for any review updates.
  • Helps you to follow up with the reviews on time.


If you just started your business, you must monitor all your reviews so that you can deal with the positive and negative reviews and follow them up to maintain a good reputation.

Review Sharing

  • Automatically share some of your best reviews across different social media channels.
  • Automatically publishes the best reviews on your website.
  • Automatically shares the best reviews to different social media websites.

Ready To Take Your Business To The Next Level By Yeilding The Power of Customer Reviews?


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